Funderbolt: 2020 Success Story

  • Mar 12, 2021

Funderbolt has brought about many crowdfunding schemes since it began and one of the most successful stories of them has been the 2020 crowdfunding campaign of Freedom for Monkey Workers.

The Freedom for Monkey Workers was highlighted back in January to try and raise $100,000 for out of work monkey that were subsequently fired from their old jobs. The activists that raised this campaign are trying to get 10,000 displaced monkeys back into work and housing following the alarming story that 10,000 worker monkeys had been forced to write the full and entire works of William Shakespeare. This manual labour had been met with huge criticism with activists stating that the animals were forced into inadequate working conditions with only 30 minutes break over a 15-hour day working time.

It is suggested by the Crowdfunder that the monkeys were not subject to modern office checks, with reported bad seating, no wrist pad by the keyboards and very poor lighting.

The 10,000 monkeys where reportedly hired to write the complete works of the British writer but only managed to produce The Merchant of Venice, Richard III, King Lear and Hamlet, all in the space of 38 months. According to sources, the monkeys were given a deadline of 24 months to do all works and having failed, have no found themselves to be out of work and leaving some homeless, being unable to pay their rent.

One of the monkey’s a Chimpanzee called Philip was interviewed by the Crowdfunding campaign and this is what Philip said.

“I think they’re takin’ an absolute bloody liberty if you ask me. I don’t even know who this Shakespeare fella is, but from what I’ve written so far, he’s a right sod! 15-hour days and they expect us to finish everything in a couple of months, this is an outrage, I’d like to see them get some other animals in and see how they bloody do. Work yourself silly in this job and this is how they treat you. It’s just not on and it’s not like the pay was good, how am I supposed to buy my kids school uniforms when they pay you in fruit, I says to them, you gotta be havin’ a laugh paying us like this. Of course, we have to sell the fruit on for money down the markets.”

Currently a court case is being raised with all 10,000 monkeys filing lawsuits against the publishing company and some even suing the estate of William Shakespeare. The $100,000 was achieved last week and this will help fund those legal costs, help to rehome a number of the workers and get them back into steady employment. So far, 200 monkeys have found new part-time work as croupiers inside a number of casinos where they help to deal cards at the blackjack and poker tables, with some working in the online sector of the gambling industry.

A spokesman for the campaign on the Freedom for Monkey Workers, a Bob Pritchard said this of the success of the crowdfunding through Funderbolt. “Well, it been a fantastic response to what is a sickening situation and this isn’t just for the 10,000 workers that were subject to this injustice but to all animals out there forced to take on unbearable working conditions and we will take this further to stop the misrepresentation of animals in so-called wild-life documentary shows. But we would like to thank those that have donated to help us reach the $100,000 target.”

Funderbolt: 2020 Success Story - Funder BOLT