Funderbolt Came into Being Thanks to a Big Poker Win

  • Mar 12, 2021

Funderbolt is a crowdfunding scheme that has taken the Internet by storm, but its owner will be the first to tell you that it was complete luck that led to the site coming into being. If you are interested in finding out more about how luck comes into the equation, please read on.

An Avid Gambler

The creator of Funderbolt, who wishes to remain anonymous because he thinks people will come to him begging for free money if he reveals who he is, is a very big fan of casino games. He takes regular trips to Las Vegas and when he cannot get to a brick and mortar casino, he loves nothing more than trying his luck at an online casino from the comfort of his own sofa at home.

When it comes to his favorite game to play, it has got to be poker. He learnt to play poker when he was a teenager and he became pretty good at it. One of the reasons why he is so good at this game is that he is able to keep all of his emotions in check. Poker can be a very emotional game, but if you let your emotions overcome you, whether you are playing at a land-based casino or an online casino, there is a very good chance that you will end up losing quite a bit of money.

For instance, you might receive 6 rubbish hands in a row and begin to get annoyed and frustrated by your bad luck. Then you receive a slightly better hand and you think your luck has finally changed for the better. However, thanks to your emotions, you think the hand that you have now is better than what it actually is. This means that you could end up spending and losing a lot of money. One thing that the creator of Funderbolt likes to tell up and coming poker players is that you should always do your utmost to forget the hand that you had before. Some of them learned that thanks to the 3 card poker strategy. If you can play each hand like it is your first hand of the evening, you will be able to save yourself a lot of agony and a lot of money. The ability to be able to forget your previous hands is something that ultimately separates the beginners from the pros.

Furthermore, he also recommends that you practice your bluffing skills if you are going to be playing poker at brick and mortar casinos. If you have great bluffing skills, then you will be able to fool opponents into discarding their hands even though they actually have stronger hands than you. If you are playing at an online casino, then the ability to bluff is obviously something that is not needed.

What Type of Poker Player is He?

When you play poker, not only will you come across different hands, but you will also come across different types of players as well. For instance, you might come across a tight player, which is someone who is cautious and will only commit when they are certain that they have a good hand. Or you might come across a loose player, which is someone who will go all out regardless of the hand that they have. You might even come across ab aggressive player, which is a player that will do their utmost to put everyone else at the table under pressure by placing down large amounts of money. The final type of player that you might come across is the passive player, which is someone who will call bets when they have the opportunity and are more than happy to let others at the table have control.

So, what type of poker player is the owner of Funderbolt? Well, he likes to think of himself as aggressive poker player because he likes nothing better than putting down large sums of cash and forcing others at the table to either match him or chicken out and fold their hand, even if it is a pretty good one. If you are new to poker, then he highly recommends that you start off as a tight player to ensure that you do not lose too much money to begin with. Once you get more experienced, you can become whatever type of player you like.

His Big Win at a Poker Tournament

Whenever he is visiting Las Vegas, he will always try his best to find a poker competition to enter where the prize money is pretty decent for his budget. There are poker tournaments in Vegas where the winner will walk away with millions, but he did not have the finances to enter such competitions. Therefore, he had to be content with the tournaments where the winner walks away with $250,000, which is nothing to sniff at.

In the summer of 2017, he was visiting Vegas with a bunch of his friends and decided that he would enter one of those tournaments. He was feeling extremely lucky and he was right to do so as two hours later, there was just him and one other person left in the tournament.

Lady Luck was definitely smiling down upon him that day because his winning hand was a Straight Flush. For those who are new to poker, this is the best hand that you can get. His opponent had a four-of-a-kind, so he probably thought that he was soon walking away with an extra $250,000 in his bank account. However, it just wasn’t to be his evening.

He Decided to Create This New Company

While many would not have any idea as to what they would like to do with such a large sum of money, he knew exactly what he was going to spend a large chunk of it on. He had been wanting to create a sort of crowdfunding website for a few years, but he never had the funds to do it properly.

This big win gave him the chance to realize his dream and he set about setting up his company. It has gone from strength to strength and it is now one of the leading crowdfunding websites on the Internet. In the coming months and years, it is only going to get more and more popular.

Funderbolt | Funded by a Huge Poker Tournament Win