Funderbolt: Crowdfunding Accelerator for the Capital Minded

  • Mar 04, 2021

Those that come across Funderbolt will immediately ask, well how is this any different from any other crowdfunding scheme that is on the Internet. Well, to answer the uniquely different take with this amazing new opportunity, allow us to present to you the Funderbolt program in its easy to understand form.

What is Funderbolt?

When you use Funderbolt, you are entering a contractual agreement to give 10% back to the investor and 10% of your second-year profit should it be over $100,000. This is a solo fund-raising scheme between pitchers and investors. Rather than have a global community funding a project with no interest to gain from it, at Funderbolt, you as the investor have a real chance at capital gain and investment and as someone pitching, you will have the opportunity to find the support you need to get your project off of the ground.

All investment work is contractually handled, the paperwork for this will be processed by the Funderbolt admin team. Credit checking and legal background checks will all be handled so that any agreement to fund a project only required for you to sign a contract and look forward to being part of a future empire or be in the position to create on.

How Funderbolt began

Funderbolt began as a very basic blockchain project working with cryptocurrencies out in Europe, mainly Malta where the development of blockchain business is the biggest in the world. The country has casino businesses, so we tool the funding concept to holding companies and pitched to them one by one,  basically saying, if you can help to fund a 10% share in our business in making an online casino then we will give you a 10% return in the second year profits

Why 10%? Because this is a less risky number than a bank loan and for investors, it’s a common percentage at its lowest point that can see a return of profit. What if the business stops after one year? If the project lasts a year and there is a net profit of $100,000, the 10% must still be paid. The allowance of a second-year is purely to allow the business to become grounded.

In just 6 months of testing the project, these were the results of our blockchain inquiries.

  • 71% of investors would consider the Funding for a new online casino.
  • 83% of investors would make the settlement of payment using cryptocurrency. (We can take as example this casino named Bovada who accept Bitcoin)
  • 92% of interested investors offered more than 10% of the required funding amount.
  • 66% of investors would consider other projects outside of the online casino industry.

Whilst we had access to those within the industry, we posed another question to them. Would you fund players to promote online casinos via social media channels? To our surprise, this already happens, however, the results are as follows.

  • 90% of casino operators would fund social media streaming.
  • 87% of online casinos would promote the social media of the player.

Through our research and inquiries, though a test, we managed to set up five Funderbolt contracts and we are in the process of creating online casinos for the US markets, two in Canada and one in Australia.

Funderbolt: Crowdfunding Accelerator for the Capital Minded - Funder BOLT